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Island of the Blue Dolphins - Scott O'Dell

    The book island of the blue dolphins by Scott O dell is about a girl named Karana and her brother Ramo are left behind on the island. What had happen was the village was being threatened by the Aleuts .The Aleuts and the village had a war and many people died.So did Karana's and Ramo's dad died which was the chief so they were all alone.When the war was over the villagers left because they thought the Aleuts will come back.But when they left Karana and Ramo behind with no water food supply.For the most part they searched around the island and they survived out of nature.   


     This story connected to me because if i ever need something and cant find it . I will depend on nature. An example of this is the time when my mom went to my aunts house and didn't leave us any food . So me and my sisters went to the kitchen and ate pre made food . This is connected to the story because i depended on other things when i cant get something.


     I would recommend this book to people that like to read .This book would teach them how to be dependent and responsible .People that like to learn about different cultures would like this book because the book shares about Indian lives and how their environment is.


Smile - Raina Telgemeier

       The book Smile by Raina Telgemeier is about a girl named Raina. In the beginning Raina was at a meeting about scout girls. When one of her friends mom dropped her off her friends decided to do a race.When they started to race Raina did not notice her shoes were untied! Unfortunately she tripped and she saw blood on the floor. She noticed nothing was scrapped every one came to see what had happened. Raina noticed she was missing her both front teeth! Her friends rushed to get her parents as they did Raina’s mom picked her up and took her home. That night Raina’s mom made so many calls to orthodontist to see if they were still open.One orthodontist was about to leave he went to their house to give her antibiotics. And that's how she spended mostly 2 years.After to year her teeth were somewhat fixed .


      This book reminds me of the time when i cut my head.This reminds me of the story because i had to go thru a long process and i was only 7 and i thought i wasn't going to be normal but here i am. Another connection i have is text to world. For example people think if they go thru something hard or tough that they won't get over it .But they actually do get over it.

       Yes i would recommend this book because it's entertaining.I would recommend this book to the people that suffer to read . To the people who like graphic novels and to the people that like to see pictures while reading.I think this book  was fun to read because i can relate to the main character Raina.